Diagnosis and Solutions

Hormonal measurements and other blood tests

Hormonal measurements are necessary in general to determine if the patient is ovulating (producing an egg every month) or not. You should know there are multiple endocrine disturbances that may prevent ovulation and not lastly the ovarian function can be compromised prematurely through genetic predetermination. It is important for you to understand hormonal variations throughout the menstrual cycle in order to follow exactly your doctor calendar. Some measured hormonal values may have a strong diagnosis value in certain days of your cycle, while same numbers may be completely irrelevant in other phases.

We offer testing for all the conditions that may affect ovulation or other endocrine diseases possibly related with infertility, as part of the initial diagnosis protocol. In general we follow a path of explorations from least to most invasive. However based on the patient history and assessment of risk factors, we may jump directly to the most relevant exploration, keeping in mind that sometimes may be more than one single factor interfering with fertility.